Over The Moon (2020) trailer: The unveiling!

Netflix just dropped the trailer to our upcoming animated film, Over the Moon, coming out this fall!

The magic of movies unfolds before my eyes…

Dec. 2015, I pitch a story to Peilin Chou, who at the time was running Oriental Dreamworks, a company that Jefrey Katzenberg set up in Shanghai with China Media Capital Group.

She was naturally looking for stories that had Chinese cultural elements — a woman after my own heart! I pitched her one about the famous Chinese Moon Goddess, Chang’E, and her bunny rabbit up on the moon. Chang’e is the reason Chinese people go on a mooncake-making, -feeding, and -sending frenzy during mid- autumn festival.

A year later, we have a script from the divine Audrey Wells, for whom this was her last project before her heartbreaking and untimely death. Amazingly, the story is not only personal to her but the seasoned executive who has now joined the team, Melissa Cobb.

A year after that, now 2017, the iconic Glen Keane is attached to direct, and brings along his uber producer, Gennie Rim. The wheels start turning. Oriental Dreamworks is then sold to China Media Capital, and Melissa is hired to run family films for Netflix. A deal is made.

Naive to the animation process, I think our film will take one, maybe two years to complete. No, I’m told. We’re working at lightning speed and will have the film ready for 2020.

And now, ladies and gents, the unveiling….

Every person involved with this project has a heart of gold, and talent to match. I could not be more excited. A big thank you to helping keep the magic alive for me, and so many others.