2021 U.S.-Asia Entertainment Summit

A night to remember….under the stars and in the Dolby Terrace of the spectacular Academy Museum.

But what shone the brightest were our honorees and guests. Who cannot fall in love with Destin Daniel Cretton’s warm, wise and funny words and presence—he is the breath of fresh air and tropical breeze that we all need our daily lives. And just incidentally thoroughly changed the game by creating an Asian superhero who is also relatable!! 

Who cannot be thoroughly impressed with Bela Bajaria’s brief tenure running TV at Netflix?  I mean, not only SQUID GAME, but BRIDGERTON, QUEEN’S GAMBIT, COBRA KAI, and on and on… And the fact that we managed to snare Lilly Singh to intro her—she first asked US to write a script. Whaaat? Fortunately, she completely blew us away with her spontaneous outpouring of hilarity.

And while Korean heartthrob Lee Byung-Hun was not able to be in the room, our hearts throbbed anyway when he showed up on screen with his heartfelt words.

Not to mention the bevy of awesome panelists, all Asian American powerhouses in the industry: Gloria Fan, Emily Furutani, Jeniffer Kim, Jennifer Yuh Nelson, Laura Kim, Phil Wang, Jeff Yang, Phil Yu.

Thank you one and all for supporting!!