[Webcast] Interview with Tigertail creator Alan Yang

Alan Yang, writer and director of the new film Tigertail and co-creator of the hit TV show Master of None, reflects on immigration and sacrifice in a conversation with acclaimed Emmy-award winning producer Janet Yang. See more at Asia Society: https://asiasociety.org/new-york/events/webcast-tigertail-alan-yang-immigration-and-sacrifice?fbclid=IwAR0ywqUB-nO_gwYN3X9sq2bkCAs6EHYqbYQjIdnorve8hwHdnaGR8jITFvo

Movies About The Handicapped

I’m thinking a lot about mentally, emotionally and physically handicapped individuals right now. With the rug pulled out from all of us, their fragile existence may be even more challenged. Here are some wonderful movies that portray the handicapped with great affection and honesty, most of which are based on true stories.

Music Movies on Analogue

Sheltering-at-Home means oodles of more blessed time to listen to music, which is actually my first love. I was inseparable from my little record player as a toddler. Movies for me came later. Fortunately, there are so many wonderful movies about extraordinary music/musicians. All the below are based on real people, though in the first, …

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I’m on Analogue! Asian Movies

I was asked to join this cool app that posts collections of favorite things in different categories. I decided to make my first one “Sizzly Asian Movies”. Because as anti-Asian racism rages across America and other parts of the world due to Covid, movies have the opportunity to counter public perception with surprising portrayals of …

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Pearl Studio Doubles Down on Stories That Will Appeal to Chinese and International Crowds

  The project with Netflix, “Over the Moon,” will be Pearl’s first feature developed post-ODW and is scheduled for delivery in 2020. How that film turns out will be “our true report card,” Chou says — more so than “Abominable,” which began under ODW and was produced mostly at DreamWorks in Glendale, Calif. “Over the …

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Gold House Announcement

With the success of Asian-led films such as Crazy Rich Asians, Searching and Aquaman, #GoldOpen has partnered with AMC Theatres to help continue their initiative of championing Asian films. The first-of-its-kind partnership with AMC is designed to streamline group movie-going, theatre buyouts and bulk regular-price ticket purchasing through a ticket buying system that includes a dedicated ticketing web page, purchasing …

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Sundance 2019

    My heart is so full. Sundance undeniably proves that Asian content can reach across all boundaries. Congratulations #THE FAREWELL, LATE NIGHT, #BLINDED BY THE LIGHT, #THE FAREWELL, #DELHI CRIME STORY, #MS. PURPLE, #HALA All amazing, original, authentic works by Asian creators, with Asian actors, and heavy use of Asian languages. Rousing, ecstatic support …

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