Cecilia Chiang’s birthday and David Rank talk

Monthly trips to Bay Area to see mother and son are always gratifying. Grandma is as happy with ice cream cone as she is with the 90 degree hug from grandson.

There’s always a plethora of activity right up my alley.  This time I heard David Rank speak. He quit 27 years in the Foreign Service, most of it in China, because he could not abide by DT’s withdrawal from the Paris Accords. Bravo.

Then uber chef, James Beard Award-winner Cecilia Chiang, celebrated her 98th birthday party at China Live.  This is the very same building where I had my first real job, running WORLD THEATER and WORLD ENTERTAINMENT in the mid-80’s.  We pioneered the import and distribution of mainland Chinese films into North America. What a nice facelift for the building at the nexus of Chinatown and Little Italy.

Cecilia was feted by top chefs from Bay Area who all made their inspired contributions. I didn’t have to eat for days afterward.

Finally, just love the Bay Area spirit. A maintenance worker is an “ambassador”. Respect for all!!!!