Hard Hat Tour of New Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

LA is going to have a new crown jewel, and it is the Academy Museum!  The brilliant Italian architect, Renzo Piano, is behind this amazing new structure that sits conveniently right next to LACMA.  The rectangular part will house permanent and revolving exhibits; the glass dome is for screenings and events.  You will be able to see right through from Wilshire to 6th St.

This will be a huge attraction for tourists and industry insiders alike.  Finally, the very thing that LA stands for – its century-long entertainment industry – will be displayed in all its glory.    How lucky we are too that a new train line will stop right there.

I’m truly honored to be an active participant in the Academy as of late, sitting on multiple committees, from Executive Committee, to International Outreach, to Diversity.  I never imagined I would be able to have a voice in this most prestigious organization, but the leadership of Dawn Hudson and Lorenza Munoz, and now John Bailey, is truly committed putting words into action, and are leading the charge for the rest of the industry.

Jodi Long and I on our hard hat tour.