2017 Academy Governors Awards

I learned in recent years that actually the most fun event by far in Hollywood is the Governors Awards. Because the honorees are announced beforehand, there is no “competition” or nervousness. And rather than sitting rigidly in one’s seat (to be efficiently replaced by a seat warmer if you get up to go to the loo or get a drink, or both!), this is a free flowing event over dinner. Most of the audience is mingling most of the time.

And because there is time to really prepare, the tributes are incredibly moving and thoughtful. They get to the true essence of what this business should always be about – inspiration, mentorship, collaboration.

One of the best moments was when Agnes Varda said she loved to dance, and Angelina Jolie took her up on it, and they did a lovely gavotte.

Of course it helped that we were sat with the magnificent Lorenza Munoz, Director of Admissions for the Academy. With her fierce will but ever graceful demeanor, there is no better person to help guide the august institution into the 21st Century.

Sign me up for next year!