Screening of Steven Spielberg’s THE POST

I am old enough to remember, at least vaguely, what the Pentagon Papers were all about, but still had so much to learn… Thank you to the filmmakers of THE POST!!

The movie came together so quickly– Steven Spielberg (my first “boss” on EMPIRE OF THE SUN) read the script in March of this year, and they were shooting in May – undoubtedly because they understood the critical timeliness of it. We are facing the delicate balance between the press and government on a daily basis. The hostility between the two has never seemed so severe.

Having some of our greatest talent come together for this movie – Steven, Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks – makes for an obvious draw. But this is a must see for so many reasons. We are reminded what it took to put a newspaper together in the pre-digital age for starters! And finally, what it comes down to is a woman who was not destined to hold a powerful position who follows her moral compass, thereby taking on one of the biggest government conspiracies ever.

Special shout out to Amy Pasacal. Yes, as an ex-Studio head, she is in a privileged position to get the best material. But she found in this, and in another movie I saw the previous day, Aaron’ Sorkin’s MOLLY’S GAME, another great tale of an unassuming woman surrounded by larger-than-life men who just had to do the right thing. Prior to running a studio, she had a special penchant for women’s stories. As the head of Sony, it seemed she had to drop that mission. But seemingly it’s been reinstated.

With the ever ebullient Tom Hanks: