Wonderful Evening with Angelina Jolie and Loung Ung

Very honored to have hosted a screening for the deeply powerful movie, FIRST THEY KILLED MY FATHER, with Angelina Jolie and Loung Ung at the Netflix office, followed by a conversation and reception with them. Their commitment to making an uncompromising movie —shot entirely in Cambodia in the Khmer language— is nothing short of inspiring. Furthermore, we have …

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2017 Academy Governors Awards

I learned in recent years that actually the most fun event by far in Hollywood is the Governors Awards. Because the honorees are announced beforehand, there is no “competition” or nervousness. And rather than sitting rigidly in one’s seat (to be efficiently replaced by a seat warmer if you get up to go to the loo or get …

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Join us for our 8th annual US-CHINA FILM SUMMIT/GALA! In addition to honorees below, Charles Rivkin, the new Chairman of the MPAA, Donald Tang, new wunderkind on the block, and many more will be there! #USChinaFilmSummit http://asiasociety.org/southern-california/events/2017-us-china-film-summit-gala

Reception for Asian Academy members, sponsored by East West Bank

  When a group of us –  which included Arthur Dong, Freida Lee Mock, Chris Tashima, and David Magdael – launched a protest against the Academy about its 2016 telecast’s offensive jokes against Asians, it unleashed what seems to be a veritable movement for the Asian-American community. Many of us signed a letter that went viral, and then …

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Telluride Film Festival

My head’s still in the clouds from Telluride, my favorite of all film fests. The intense bursts of nature and culture combined are intoxicating. What stays with me most, besides the scenery and my late night puzzle making (a tradition at the Henson/Pressler household) is Angelina Jolie’s film, First They Killed My Father. She is …

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Saw “Detroit” at Academy last night. I found myself occasionally averting my eyes and almost groaning in emotional pain. The camera doesn’t avert though. It stays through the whole grueling ordeal so you can experience what it was actually like to be there. Every shot was impeccable. Every performance was impeccable. Difficult to watch but …

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