In Production


Pearl Studio’s animated musical adventure feature film about a girl who builds a rocket ship and blasts off to the moon in hopes of meeting a legendary Moon Goddess. To be released in 2020 theatrically in China and by Netflix around the world.

Written by Audrey Wells

Directed by Glen Keane

Produced by Gennie Rim

Executive Produced by Janet Yang

Production company: Pearl Studios

Distributor: Netflix

In Development


In the vein of John Hughes, a teenage Hawaiian girl in the 80’s, struggling with family, love and social cliques, reluctantly finds herself competing in a beauty pageant.

Treatment by Kelly Hu

Produced by Janet Yang and Kelly Hu


Lucius & Maynard is a feature film based on the true story of Lucius Horiuchi, a first generation Japanese-American and CIA field operative, and Maynard Cooke-Horiuchi, the daughter of the Commander of the Seventh Fleet. Both are still alive and in their ‘90s.

Written by Brian Horiuchi

Produced by Janet Yang


Inspired by the true story of a gang of parachute girls who kidnapped, burnt, and tortured one of their own to within an inch of her life.

Written by Georgia Lee

Produced by Janet Yang and Matt Jackson



Production company: Feigco Entertainment

Studio: Lionsgate TV

Written by Jeremy Hsu

Executive Produced by Janet Yang


Based on the eponymous memoirs by authorJustin Liu,  AMERICAN BORN CRAZYimports Asian aristocracy into the gritty, cultural turmoil of 90’s San Francisco to tell the epic family drama of the Rockefellers of the Hong Kong garment industry.

Written by Devanshi Patel

Executive Produced by

Janet Yang, Mike Medavoy, Justin Liu, and Eric Esrailian


K-Bang is the story of a young Korean-American woman who launches her own company in America. Set in the cutthroat world of business, it explores her struggles as a young female entrepreneur as well as her relationship with her family.

Studio: SK Global/Ivanhoe

Executive Produced by Janet Yang, Joe Zee, Michelle Yeoh

Chinese Sisters In The City

“Chinese Sisters” follows the antics, aspirations, emotions, quirks, and secret passions of four compelling bilingual female central characters as they make their anxious way through the challenges and delights of the Big Apple…and of the modern world.