With James Woods

Jimmy was in a big fixture in my life back then.  Brilliant, could run for president, but too rightwing for my taste.

The Weight of Water

Just wrapped THE WEIGHT OF WATER with Kathryn Bigelow.  We’re all heavily disguised in our cold weather gear though

With Gregory Peck in China

I had the honor of accompanying Gregory Peck to China in the 80’s for retrospective of his works. All who were privileged to be there remember.  

Empire of the Sun

With Steven Spielberg on my first real movie, EMPIRE OF THE SUN, 80’s.  We were meeting with the Spielberg of China, Xie Jin.

With Muhammud Ali on set

With the great Muhammud Ali on set of my first ever movie, a doc called EAST TO WEST: AMERICA THROUGH THE EYES OF A CHINESE.  People have seen it recently and think it’s very fresh.  It feels amateurish to me…..  We hired a crew out of NYU and Ang Lee was our soundman!